Mechanical Specification

Construction options:
Film-to-film with backing plate, either polycarbonate film or glass
Film-to-glass (ITO glass)*
* Color printing is available on the rear surface of the glass

Connector options:
Extended tail from ITO touch panel
Heat seal connector
Strength of heat sealed area > 150 g/cm

Actuation Force:
Less than 100g

Surface Hardness:
Meets pencil hardness 3H

Life Expectancy:
100,000 operations and above, using a stylus made of silicone rubber
Silicone rubber pod – diameter 5mm, R3, Hardness 60 degree
Actuation force – 300g
Actuation speed – twice per second


Maximum circuit rating:
DC5V, less than 1mA at contact point between top layer and bottom layer.

Close circuit resistance:
Matrix – less than 15K ohms
Analog resistive – less than 5K ohms

Insulation resistance:
Matrix – 10M ohms or greater at DC 25V
Analog Resistive – 10M ohms or greater at DC 25V

Contact bounce:
Less than 15 milliseconds


Material options:
Gloss surface with or withouthard coat
Anti-glare surface with hard coat

Light transmission:
Film-to-film – 79% at 550-nm wavelength

Film-to-glass – 79% at 550-nm wavelength

Standard Materials

Top layer material:
Clear hard coating material: 7-mil.
Anti-glare hard-coating material (semi-transparent): 7-mil.
Anti-Newton ring material: 7-mil.

Bottom layer material:
Clear hard coating material: 7-mil.
Anti-glare hard-coating material (semi-transparent): 7-mil.

Standard ITO glass thickness:
0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.6mm

Chemical strengthened glass thickness:
1.1mm, 1.6mm

Tail connector:
PET: 0.036mm
FPC: 0.5oz, 1oz.

Transparent Polycarbonate

Resistive Touch Screens: Sizes & Dimensions


Size Active Area Viewing Area Outside Dimension Tail Length Tail Pitch
2.8” diagonal 44.0 x 58.0mm 46.1 x 59.6mm 55.0 x 70.0mm 30.0mm 1.00mm
3.8” diagonal 58.0 x 79.0mm 63.0 x 81.0mm 72.0 x 91.0mm 29.5mm 1.00mm
5.8” diagonal 87.5 x 116.5mm 93.5 x 121.5mm 104.5 x 132.5mm 67.0mm 2.54mm
6.5” diagonal 98.0 x 134.0mm 100.0 x 136.0mm 118.0 x 156.0mm 67.0mm 2.54mm
8.4” diagonal 128.0 x 171.0mm 133.0 x 176.0mm 152.0 x 208.0mm 67.0mm 2.54mm
10.4” diag. 159.5 x 212.3mm 163.5 x 216.5mm 180.0 x 237.0mm 67.0mm 2.54mm
12.1” diag. 186.0 x 248.0mm 191.0 x 253.0mm 206.0 x 271.0mm 67.0mm 2.54mm
15.0” diag. 230.0 x 305.0mm 236.0 x 311.0mm 256.0 x 331.0mm 67.0mm 2.54mm
17.0” diag. 266.5 x 334.0mm 274.5 x 342.0mm 295.0 x 360.5mm 67.0mm 2.54mm
18.1” diag. 285.0 x 357.0mm 291.0 x 363.0mm 313.0 x 389.0mm 67.0mm 2.54mm